Croatian quartet Trokut mix jazz elements with electronics and rock.

Trokut is the completely new name on the Croatian music scene. Recently, they have released their first album “Shapeless”, and “Spinning Top“ is the lead single from the album.

“Trokut” means triangle, but this is not trio – Jerko Jurin plays drums, Jaka Arh Tenor saxophone, flute, synthesizers and electronics, Filip Pavić guitar and Hrvoje Kralj bass. Their music is very specific, because they mix jazz elements with electronics and rock.

„Spinning Top“ is exactly like that: drum’n’bass with alt rock guitars and very melancholic melody with progression.

Jazz has evolved in so many ways and Trokut shows another one that makes them fresh and interesting. Recommendation for the whole album, because it’s just relaxing for your ears.

Stream “Shapeless” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Trokut on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube.

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