One of Slovakia’s most original (and polarizing) artists Katarzia is back with – or as – “Antigona”.

The album and music were originally written as part of the play Antigona. Yes, the story by Sophocles about a young girl who stands up against authority and fights for her moral principles. A story that didn’t go out of date even after thousands of years.

Katarzia proves her approach to music is the same – she does what she feels is right. Even the cover art (with a chain encircling the musician’s head) says “do not think for yourselves”, like gods (or authorities these days) do.

Time proved that combination – lyrics by Katarzia and music produced by Pjoni – was a good choice which work on its own even out of theater halls but also in a music club.

The storyline of Antigona is present throughout the whole album but the ideas are expressed way fresher. Noone can sing “cudzí opitý debil” (awkward wasted idiot) so sincerely as Katarzia (in the song “Bábiky sa vraždia”).

Especially in “Nepohodlná osoba” – we don’t know whether it’s Katarzia or Antigona anymore, they fuse into one: they both polarize audiences, the music scene and music journalists. The powerful line “verím v dobro viac ako katolícky kňaz” (I believe in goodness and morality more than a catholic priest) was strong enough to become a phrase.

“Lepidlo” begins like a throwback song visiting childhood memories, it later reveals it’s taking us through her relationship with her estranged sister.

In “Krásu preklínam”, Katarzia might be talking about the MeToo movement but also something more individual, like her own broken heart.

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