La Lusid

Picture yourself a life with no worries – that’s what Swedish indie-pop group La Lusid sound like on their debut album.

Earlier this year we wrote about La Lusids single ”Empty Bones” and we wrote that the best thing with La Lusid is that we don’t know what to expect from them. Now we have their full-lenght album in our hands and it has really blown me away.

I was worried that La Lusid would be a band that didn’t get their act togheter, that the mix of styles, language and genre would tear them apart. But that’s not the case here because their self-titled debut album is pure brilliance.

Normally I don´t manage to listen to a whole album when it comes to this kind of pop, it often happens to be so dull and boring that you don’t even make it to the last song. So, lets focus on the last song, because it’s the best and the true reason that you want to play this album over and over again.

”Gran Canaria” sounds like I want my life to be. It’s just as simple as that. I really don’t want to describe it any further, just close your eyes and picture yourself a life with no worries.

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Photo: Zandra Wellmar

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