Lido Pimienta

“You know for you / I would give anything / But I come first / my happiness, and life goals / Oh yeah you, you are the man, and I am just the woman / but that does not mean, that my life is not whole without you.”

Sings Colombian darling Lido Pimienta on the new single off her sophomore record, the long awaited “La Papessa”, a dark tale of a wounded woman who seeks for hope and self-awareness in the turmoil of loss and the glimmering beats of experimental music.

From the vast range of subjects this record deals with, “La Capacidad” is the closest we get to Lido’s vision on feminism and gender-equality. Her words resound like echoes, with choruses of fellow singers Las Acevedo and Diana Pereira, she incarnates a high priestess who shares an important message with the world: women’s roles in society should/do not depend on men anymore. Love is a shared feeling not a straitjacket.

We endorse this struggle by following the claps and ethereal synths of the mix, the abrasive beats and the utterly beautiful voice of this Colombian non-stop fighter.

“I was not born to be the mother of your children / I was not born, to fit in a hetero-normative soap opera / I was not born to set back worldwide feminism.”

Stream “La Papessa” LP on Bandcamp.


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