Punčke don’t really exist anymore, but they’ve just released some great new material.

Last spring, post-punk band Punčke announced their last tour before splitting up. Around that time, they managed to record a completely new material in only five days, in a small village Bistrica ob Sotli in Slovenia. The result, “Vidimo se” EP, was released at the end of November.

The lead single is “CHK CHK”, a powerful song about disappointment, perspective and will. It’s about beginnings and ends, so in a way, we can say it’s autobiographical. The video was directed by Ira Tomić and John Kardum, a young couple with whom Punčke have collaborated over the last several years. They perfectly manage to transfer song’s mood into video material.

So even though Punčke hadn’t existed for half a year already, at the end of the year they gave us some great material. If anyone wants to see them live, there will be one more chance during the autumn 2020, because they will tour Australia – where singer Lucija went to, looking for new life opportunities.

Stream “Vidimo se” EP on Bandcamp.


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