Raven Artson

Raven Artson describes his solo work as “slow motion hyper pop”.

It’s a familiar story by now: in 2020 the pandemic changed everything, no exception for Amsterdam artist Raven Artson. A couple of years ago he moved to L.A. to work on his solo career after being drummer and producer for garage rock band Mozed And The Firstborn for quite some time.

He planned a short trip to Europe in the beginning of 2020 and suddenly all flights to the US were cancelled, forcing Artson to settle down in The Netherlands again. He used the time in his native country to finish the colourful new EP “Peak In Me” that was released this month.

Artson describes his solo work as “slow motion hyper pop”, something quite far away from the fuzzy guitar sound of Mozes And The Firstborn.

The title song of the EP “Peak In Me” is a lush and honest pop song that sees Artson sing about the alternating depressive and bright peaks in his life. For the song he invited beehype alumnus Ray Fuego who sings/raps in English for a change.

Another highlight of the EP is the brooding synthpop song “Breathing Secrets” where Raven shares vocals with rising Amsterdam star LYZZA.

Hopefully Raven Artson is able to continue his plans for L.A. soon, but we have to admit we enjoy having his talent around in our small country for now too.

Stream “Peak In Me” on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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