Tarabband’s 2012 debut album “Ya Sidi” was a sensation to anyone who loves to cross music genres and time barriers. Their new album, “Ashofak Baden”, deserves as much hype.

The Malmö-based group founded by Iraqi/Egyptian singer Nadin Al Khalidi and Swedish guitarist Gabriel Hermansson has been already introduced on beehype via their unforgettable hit “Baghdad Choby“, originally from Tarabband’s first record.

Their latest effort took shape in time when Nadin’s motherland has been once again torn by war, and her current home – she came to Sweden in 2002 as a refugee – is being torn by the migrant crisis. The title track off the album, “Ashofak Baden” – or “We Will Meet Later” – has been inspired by a Yazidi couple from northern Iraq who posted a selfie on social media just before fighting entered their town.

As the band explained, it’s “a last minute conversation between a newly wedded couple, just few minutes before they were separated by the cruelty and force of war.”

While you can stream the whole album on Spotify right now – and four great tracks on their Soundcloud – here’s one of its highlight, a captivating song called “Misteniyak”, once again about love and loss.

Apart from Nadin’s airy vocals, it features French verses by Martinique-born, Paris-bred bassist and singer Romain Coutama, and will certainly become one the most memorable moments of Tarabband’s live shows.


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