Even though Slovenia doesn’t have the biggest music scene, we really can’t complain about the lack of beatmakers.

While the local hip-hop scene has had its ups and downs, it has always been present, and the newday production of beats, instrumental hip-hop, EDM and similar have been unstoppable for years now.

The now world-known Gramatik paved one of the ways, rx:tx label has been active in the field for quite some time and the “Giro” compilation of coastal producers is another example of the plurality and quality of different producers. One of them is also a young beatmaker named Whynnel, who has been present on the scene for the past seven years and in that time became experienced in genres such as trap and hip-hop.

In 2016 he released his EP “Omnipresence” via Dutch Heroic Recordings and contributed a track for the before mentioned “Giro” compilation. His latest EP “Time Travelling Paradox” was released in January – this time for Low Temp, the label Gramatik founded in 2013.

Its first song, the laid back fuzzy “Alternate Ending” with processed echoing vocals, already opened the “Lowtemporary Vol. 3” compilation in the summer announcing this year’s release.

Stream “Time Traveling Paradox” EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Whynnel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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