Faces On TV

Faces On TV topped the Best of 2015 list for Belgium on beehype, and may be bound to repeat this trick at the end of the current year. A few weeks ago the band released the single “Traveling Blind”, which is now followed by a debut EP with the same title.

How come Faces On TV have no full album yet? Well that’s mainly because Jasper Maekelberg, the founder and the man in charge, is also one of the hottest producers in Belgium right now. Just a few acts he has worked with are Tsar B, Warhaus, Soldier’s Heart, Marble Sounds, Bazart and Amongster. Quite impressive for a 27 year old guy, that’s right.

“Traveling Blind” is a typical Maekelberg song with an irresistible bass line and delightful vocals. Faces On TV are one of these bands that managed to find the perfect balance between experiment and mainstream potential, making them acceptable for almost any kind of music lovers.


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